brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

Briata Birthday

Ten years ago today I bought my brand-new midnight blue mica 1999 Miata, all by myself at the dealer, standing firm to not pay more than sticker - yes, it was less than 30 days since the new design had been released, so they were actually getting buyers to pay ABOVE sticker! I expected the fun to fade over the years, but it is still the best cure to drive home from a crappy day at work with the sun shining and the top down with the breeze in my hair!

I've invested enough recently that I sure hope the Briata lasts another 10 years! So far so good since another recent bumper mash is now fixed, not even 3 weeks after the transmission was finally working. I really hope that's enough bad "carma" for now!
Tags: briata

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