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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Briata Birthday
Ten years ago today I bought my brand-new midnight blue mica 1999 Miata, all by myself at the dealer, standing firm to not pay more than sticker - yes, it was less than 30 days since the new design had been released, so they were actually getting buyers to pay ABOVE sticker! I expected the fun to fade over the years, but it is still the best cure to drive home from a crappy day at work with the sun shining and the top down with the breeze in my hair!

I've invested enough recently that I sure hope the Briata lasts another 10 years! So far so good since another recent bumper mash is now fixed, not even 3 weeks after the transmission was finally working. I really hope that's enough bad "carma" for now!

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Happy Birthday, Briata!

Congratulations to the Briata for making it to 10 years. For awhile I wasn't too sure she would get this far. Now she is on the downhill slope to 20 and should make it with no problems (except possible operator error or an encounter with a bad driver on the outside.
love, mom

will you have an aniversary party?? the Briata deserves it!!!! Congratulations!

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