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party prep for Across the Clueniverse

Since I was unable to have a Mardi Gras party this year because I was on my way back from the work cruise, I decided to have a party for which I've had a glimmer of an idea for years - Clue! Yes, the Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock board game we all know & love! Not long after I graduated college & had my own place, my mom gave me a pair of large silverplate candlesticks, and I said "These look like the one from Clue!" A few years ago when Melanie was cleaning her closet, she gave me a floor-length red velvet dress and I said "This would be the perfect Miss Scarlett dress!" The idea was percolating in the back of my head along with tons of other ideas, but with my Potter parties and already too many other theme parties each year, I had no idea when I could fit in a Clue party, so didn't give it much thought. Then last year I had three people on separate occasions and completely independently say to me "You know what you should do? A Clue party!" When I first heard of the schedule for the work cruise conflicting with my Mardi Gras plans, I decided to skip Mardi Gras and try a Clue party later in the spring.

I have seen the Clue movie again recently thanks to mrmouse's DVD, and the cast is stellar & hilarious, but it doesn't fit my personal mental image of Clue. Mine uses the colors with the suspects and is in a bit more vintage setting, earlier in the 20th century than the 50s. Why? Maybe the first game box art that I ever played perhaps? That only affects my own costume, so it shouldn't stop my guests' creativity! Anything related to the Clueniverse, which spans over 50 years and many versions, is fair game! We will vote on most original & best costumes before we play a life-size version of Clue, using Brittahytta Mansion as the game board and our winning suspects as the game pieces to move around the house, with the traditional assortment of weapons at hand. Appetizers will be cleverly-themed, but I won't spoil the surprise for my readers who are lucky enough to be able to attend. ;) We might also watch the Clue movie if the group feels so inclined.

Party prep was started awhile ago of course, but since I'm not intending this to be as elaborate as far as house decorations, it seems much easier than last year's craziness! It's less than a week away and my own costume isn't even done! I did test one new recipe on friends, which was a success, and I have deemed two other recipes as fine since I already prepped them since they will keep fine in the fridge, so that's in good shape. Here is what I have been able to do so far:

My kingdom for a pipe wrench!

I had no idea it would be so difficult to find a pipe wrench that actually looks like the one in Clue! Since the game was created in 1949, and it was an antique wrench back then, no wonder! I have only found exact wrenches on eBay as antiques, requiring heavy shipping costs even if I won a low bid, and since I'm not sure I'll ever have another Clue party in the future, I'm trying not to "invest" in props and decor as I do for Halloween or Mardi Gras. My grandmother had an antique pipe wrench I brought back from Christmas, but it's not old enough, plus rather small to be believable as a murder weapon, so I've settled for a new version, large enough to be usable on my own house plumbing if necessary, and definitely large enough to inflict damage. Since it had a red handle but I want my weapons to look like oversized game pieces, I spray-painted it silver.

Other Weapons

I bought clean white rope and tied it into the same loop as the board game piece. The candlestick is ready to go of course. I bought a galvanized steel pipe instead of lead, since I wanted the silver game piece look. I have a choice of two revolvers, since my Wild West six-shooter from Bullets N BBQ has a different handle than my game piece, so I got a $1 pirate pistol that makes obnoxious electronic noises and spray-painted that silver. My Psycho-style butcher knife that is the traditional bleeding heart server each Halloween is my default knife, but it doesn't match the game piece. I have a tiny knife in leather holster from my mom, but I think it's a bit small to be a murder weapon, so I'm still looking for the perfect knife. I might cut down one of my $1 costume swords so it'll have a cool handle & just not worry about a blade. Still working on that one...

Clue weapons so far

The Game Board

The idea is to use my own house layout as the Boddy Mansion for the game board, using the costume winners as the playing pieces. Since we won't be able to hear people yelling around the house, we might have the playing pieces running back & forth, or only going into place when they reach a room, then they will hold the weapon when the Suggestion is made. Before any game board sketching starts, I have been playing around with the floor plan of my house, laying out 1ft squares as the floor tiles for the game board motion between rooms. I have been seriously cleaning my office to use as the Library, only making good enough progress this past week, so I still have the game board to draw. For my original layout I would probably need 100 floor tiles, and I only bought 27 so far, and even at 3 for $1 at Dollar Tree, that is adding up quickly for a non-investment party, so I'm revising the pathways again before sketching. I'm not sure yet if I will use clear contact paper for the room name lettering and stick to the floor. I'm not sure if that will be as funny as I think. Since I already own the contact paper, it will be cheap & easy enough to try on Friday & see how it looks.

My own costume...

Even though I have the perfect Miss Scarlett dress, I plan to be Mrs. Peacock, since not only can I not resist the chance for an over-the-top teal costume creation, but I have 5 yards of turquoise crushed panne velvet I bought for my original Britta Skeeter idea and never used, so might as well finally use it. I have a basic sketch, but my teal satin bodice slightly clashes with the turquoise velvet, so I have handstitched to the teal bodice with matching sparkly spandex fabric so that it blends instead of making a dress with boning from scratch. I've bought feathers to add to the neckline, but haven't figured out how to attach them best yet. An antique blue velvet hat I've never yet had the chance to wear has already been decorated with real peacock feathers and a tiny beaded fake bird peacock. I even have matching teal nail polish thanks to hp_jenorama! We'll see how it all turns out.

I hope people can actually come, since I only have about 14 people confirmed so far. Everyone I talked to at Christmas seemed to like the idea, but we might be caught in spring schedule chaos, so we'll see. As long as the people who do come are creative & have fun, then that's what matters. :)
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