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Detours off Britta Blvd


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curiosity got the best of me
I recently saw that the Spanish version of the Muggle's Guide was no longer available on Amazon except a few copies from Spanish-language booksellers in Florida, so I used $25 of my free Amazon money to finally see what my Harry Potter party chapter looks like in Spanish.

Since the guide will never be reprinted, it seemed a shame to never have seen it, especially with the current copyright crackdown chaos in the news that is disgusting me at the melodramatic behavior of all involved. At least now my curiosity is finally satisfied, since even though I am no longer a "superadmiradora" as the description calls me, it's still fun to see my name in print in Spanish! ;)

Closeup of my name & URL inside the book...

In other news, I'm off to Disneyland tomorrow bright & early!

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Heh, I know I'm really busy and overworking my brain today when I see "In other news, I'm off to Disneyland tomorrow bright and early!" and think to myself . o O ( Oh, she's going to Disneyland? What a coincidence, 'cuz I am t... oh, that's right. Duh. )

I need to get good sleep tonight. :)

Yeah coz you're driving! I'm bringing grapes & strawberries as healthy snacks for the drive since I have a ton from this weekend. I can bring some Diet Hansens too. Let me know if you think of anything else like that you'd like me to bring. Otherwise I'm aiming to be at your place by 8:15am (ugh!)

Oh, I know exactly where my cowboy hat w/ all my Disney pins is...should I bring it? ;)

You know, I've fallen out of the habit of wearing the hat (or any hat), but I do choose to wear 1 or 2 different pins each day, depending on how I feel. I also don't like to buy more than 1 or 2 per trip.

You haven't ridden any of the 50th-anniversary-redone rides, have you? OMG. Space Mountain SO MUCH FUN!

No, last time I went with you guys was 2 yrs ago almost exactly, which was 50th anniversary year. The new Space Mountain was indeed awesome. I know I haven't seen the redone Pirates since that was after April 2006, but I'm not sure what else has been redone since then?

Do I bring my hat anyway as disincentive to buying yet another Disney hat? hmm...that might not work anyway and I'd just end up carrying around an extra hat..? ;)

i wish i had a copy of the spanish book to give you, but the publishers only gave me one measly copy. not to mention, i can't get anyone at the actual publishing company in spain to tell me a) how many copies were printed b) for what price and c) how many were sold. oh, and did i mention i didn't make a dime off the spanish edition? not one single royalty cheque in 4 years? every time i try to talk to my (english language) publisher about it, they just shrug their shoulders and basically ignore my e-mails ... as you say, the (english language) guide will never be reprinted, so it is a zero priority for them to even respond to me, apparently. :-|

have fun at disney!

No need to apologize...I know what hassle & stress the whole thing has been for you and I don't want to be any cause of you going through more stress. The whole drama is probably best staying in the past. Part of the reason I got this book now was to put my curiosity behind me & be done with it. I paid for the Briata's new transmission with my new Amazon Visa card, so that's already $75 free this year, so I've made lemonade out of recent lemons. I still got a copy of the Spanish guide for free this way, plus $50 off a new 1TB hard drive that I really need. I'm sure I can use more free Amazon money on other things throughout the year. :)

Thanks - I plan to have a blast in Disneyland! When are you leaving for Mexico?

I can see you're very famous now!


Hi! Britta I am from Argentina and thanks to that book i get to know your website!!! i think you do a great job, this is an amazing web...you should be proud. I must say your partys seem to be great.Thank yo for your recipies,
An Argentina´s FAN

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