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Detours off Britta Blvd


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please sponsor me!
Please sponsor me! This will be my 9th year participating in The Human Race for The Choral Project this Saturday May 10th. The Human Race is a run/walk fundraising event organized by the Volunteer Center of Silicon Valley. 75% of donations go to The Choral Project, and 25% goes to the Volunteer Center to support all their programs. You can click on the link & donate online, or if you will see me in person & would rather give me cash or check, I can give you a tax-deductible receipt, but I need your pledge before Saturday. Your money will go to many good causes, including The Choral Project, and your donation is tax-deductible, so please click here! :)

Donate to the Human Race!

Thanks for your support!

HUGE thanks to everyone who donated! My total as of today is $700 - woohoo! :D

Human Race 2000

Human Race 2002

Human Race 2003

Human Race 2006

Human Race 2007

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Britta Blvd

Hi Miss Britta!
I was just wondering what happened to your Brittablvd.com pages.
I have been a big fan of your parties for a long time now and some friends and I wanted to have a Harry Potter party for a friends birthday. But alas, the great Brittablvd.com is no more.
What's up Miss Britta!

My website is called Britta Blvd but the URL has always been www.britta.com, never brittablvd.com. For the Hogwarts pages just click http://www.britta.com/hogwarts and they're still there, never fear! :)

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