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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Springtime for Brittahytta
My garden has been loving the spring weather. The calla lilies bloomed so well I kept taking them to work with lilac, pink breath of heaven and the first roses, including my new JFK rose I planted just this year. I even had one lone dutch iris bloom out front! I'm very happy that my tomatoes like my skinny walkway spot along the fence. I had worried there might not be enough sun there for them when I planted them in March, but they have more than quadrupled in size and have many blooms already, so hopefully eventually there will be actual fruit once it's staying at more than 60F overnight. :)

Tomatoes from March to May

Speaking of fruit, the quince are growing, no plums so I think that's an every two year tree, I'm already working on cutting my first 5 gallons of loquats for jam with plenty more on the tree, and the feijoa just started blooming. My grapes on the arbor bench have really loved the extreme record heat last week...in only 2 days between tending the vines by wrapping them into the arbor, I had two feet of growth on almost every trailer! I even have baby grape berries all over my vine, so I should have flame seedless grapes by harvest time! One of my Concord grapes I bought last year died, and the other is coming back, but it's too young still for fruit. Next year perhaps?

Loquats and grapes around the back patio

I have also started digging out sod in the front yard for a brick pathway across from the driveway to the main front path, since my plan is for brick pathways in the front to match up at the gate where the brick path starts in the back. I'm waiting until next February to crack out the front concrete path so I can get rid of the scrap for free during the city spring cleaning, but this path across will be useful until then. Since I don't have quite enough leftover brick from the backyard, I'm buying a whole pallet of 595 bricks to be delivered soon. 300 of those will be for the cross path, then leftovers will be used for the main path eventually, with supplements to be added at that time of course.

I saw Angel's Trumpet plants with their giant hanging blooms in Jamaica a couple years ago, then saw one in my neighborhood and even the Pacific Northwest, so it does grow here, but I never saw it for sale...until Saturday! So I wouldn't keel over in the heat, let alone shock the plants, I waited until the sun went down Sunday, then dug out one pink breath of heaven bush, moved it over, then planted the Angel's Trumpet in its place. $25 is the most I've spent on a single plant, but I think it'll be worth it. It already has buds drooping, so hopefully soon I will have pretty creamy white fragrant trumpet blooms underneath my Brittahytta sign!

Brittahytta front garden

If you really like garden photos and want to see more, there are a ton more in my garden album, with the updates starting on page 25.

Happy Spring!

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Your yard

Your tomatoes are growing faster than ours by a long shot! They must really like it where you planted them. And what is "feijoa"? Don't remember that one. Your yard is looking better and better all the time.


Thanks! Sorry...the feijoa is the pineapple guava tree. :)

Edited at 2008-05-21 05:08 pm (UTC)

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