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Happy Halloween!

Whew! I can now relax...the party was last night, a new Halloween record for attendance! 38 people including myself had a fabulous time, the weather was beautiful but a bit chilly later in the evening, even around the coals on the grill with the hot spiced cider. 38 was a good number since we were able to fit inside pretty well, and I didn't run out of food. :)

Everyone was impressed by the decor, first-timers and long-time guests...what is hard is impressing the ones who have been to my parties for several years! I have to keep outdoing myself each year, but somehow I keep doing it...Since there wasn't much breeze, having two fog machines in the side yard made it look out on the street like our own little microclimate, as I was told by many guests as they arrived! haha...I refilled both fog machines once about an hour after they had been running, then around 10ish (I assume? with my long purple gloves I couldn't wear my watch) I shut the fog machines off since not many were outside anymore anyway. Hooray! :)

There were several Murphy's Law issues, of course. The door looked great after some last-minute afternoon repairs (Liquid Nails comes loose in the sun?! grr), but the surround & anchor points were not sturdy enough for it to open & close, so it was left propped open, but still worked great for a photo background. The new lightpost was haunted, since it randomly started going out & back on by itself later in the evening...very odd! I never got to eat until very late in the party, missing the baked brie entirely, and I only had a couple pieces of cheese during the whole day beforehand, but that's par for the course. Speaking of food, last year the food arrangement was so cramped there wasn't room for some of the food, so I rearranged the plan, and ended up having a whole table empty...? I'm still confused how that worked...these are the things you write down & save for next year so you improve each time. :)

What REALLY disappointed me were the webcams, or more specifically how my G4 desktop server stopped accepting FTP, so I could not do my image captures every minute...and from the few viewing attempts I heard about via email, it seemed like something else happened later in the evening that even affected the broadcast, so that was disappointing. *sigh* What I really want are battery-powered wireless webcams that work with Mac/Darwin-flavor Unix, and then I would invest in my own that would be reliable...maybe someday...

Anyway, I went to bed at 3am after the time change, but I woke up at 8:30...what is wrong with this picture?!? I was going to sleep in! So, I figured I'd check in to LJ (boy everyone's been busy the last couple days - took awhile to catch up!), update myself, then do a bit of cleaning & resetting of decor, maybe a nap later, then as dusk approaches, start taking no-flash tripod photos, probably while trick or treaters come by...there might be an afternoon viewing of The Grudge if people feel like it, but we'll see... :)

Happy Halloween everyone! Here's me as Jessica, Ben crouching as Roger, and Jen as Eddie (Edwina?) Valiant posing in front of the door facade :)

P.S. Extra Halloween tidbit...since it is also JK Rowling's favorite holiday, she has a treat on her website you can only reach after a trick or two...I found this as reported by The Leaky Cauldron, of course...Enjoy!

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