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australia, ocean

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"benefit" of being a paid LJ user? :(
australia, ocean
Yesterday I received a junk mail magazine sample asking me to subscribe addressed to BRITTADOTCOM LIVEJOURN. Hrmph. LJ never had my mailing address until I had to enter it to pay my annual fee. My home address isn't even on my main website anywhere, not even my resume, but it is in whois records, which are not associated with LJ. My mailing address is not on my LJ profile, so I don't think there is anywhere that associates my mailing address with my LJ user account except internal to LJ.

Do other paid users get physical junk mail too? I didn't see any opt-in or opt-out marketing/privacy policy to click when I paid, and I've poked around in my profile & account settings & see no marketing privacy options. I'm wondering if this is something new & sneaky again, like phasing out the free user signups earlier this year. The Privacy Policy still states it does not provide information to "unrelated" third parties, but "When you provide personal information through using the Service you are however sharing your personal information with LiveJournal, organizations that may hold a majority interest in LiveJournal, their divisions or subsidiaries and, LiveJournal and any of its divisions or subsidiaries. The use of your personal information by these organizations is subject to this policy."

Bad form, LJ. I am disappointed you are not only selling my information but also wasting paper and postal system resources.

Edit: It's "Congratulations BRITTADOTCOM LIVEJOURN, you have been specially selected for this fabulous FREE OFFER to REMEDY" a $60 retail value for free if I fill out the attached survey, but the actual address is BRITTADOTCOM LIVEJOURNAL instead of my real name. Health & Wellness for Life Remedy published by MediZine is the magazine.

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How odd. I've been a paid user for years and haven't received anything. Is it possible there was another method that information could have been procured?

I've been racking my brain but since it's not addressed to Britta Peterson but specifically BRITTADOTCOM LIVEJOURNAL withOUT my real name, that's what makes it suspicious. I already get a ton of junk mail addressed to my real name. I'm sure if someone really wanted to dig they could put whois records & my LJ account together to come up with that, but why do that when they'd have my real name already?

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