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8 years
australia, ocean
Today officially marks 8 years of working for the same company, which I never thought would happen. In the Silicon Valley tech industry better-known for the high turnover rate, we have a lot of employees who have been here this long, especially on my team. I am thankful I have a good-paying job that allows me to do other fun things in my life.

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happy anniversary! :) you are very blessed indeed, in this day and age, to have had your job for that long, in that environment!

i just had my two-year anniversary last thursday ... time flies.


You are definitely blessed with a super job and lots of nice vacation, not to mention nice pay. 8 years-- Wow!



I just got notice that this month is my 15th anniversary with USAA. Oy. Yes, I am thankful to have a stable job for so long. But who knew I'd stick around here for all this time?

long, long time.

circa 1998/99 i wrote you because... i don't remember why. i do remember that i'd found you during a search for the world's brittas for my friend, britta.

today, i did a search for "britta" again just to see if ANY of those old pictures showed up. three or four pages deep into google and not a one appeared. but i wondered, "how many of these people are just older versions of the people i found a decade ago? how many of them were children or teenagers back then?"

i didn't investigate to find out but i remembered your website and was sentimentally happy to find it still exists (and especially sentimentally happy (in a time-travel sort of way) to see it still looks pretty much the same as it did years ago).

i skimmed through your blog and saw this post about having worked at your current job for eight years. "man, she might've just started at that job -- or not even yet STARTED that job -- when i first found her during my search." whoa.

as for me, next monday will be 11 years at the same company. kind of. it was bought several years ago and given the name of the new owner's business (he had a place elsewhere). then that branch of his tree died off and the place closed a few months ago. but he offered me a job at the trunk of the tree so now i find myself in utah (from georgia).

the job is ok, the land is glorious, the society interesting, and the low humidity is absolutely fabulous.

well, i'm glad too you have a good-paying, stable job that allows you to have the fun you want to have outside of work. what a valuable asset. and i hope all else in your life is running a-ok (like the unstoppable toaster oven -- right on!).

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