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RIP toaster oven
australia, ocean
My parents received this GE toaster oven as a wedding shower gift 40 years ago. Over the years it had become unreliable to stop toasting, but worked fine otherwise so I inherited it. Whenever you did not rely on it, it would always pop open. As soon as you stopped paying attention or left the room is when you'd burn things. ;) It had still been working fine through last Wednesday, but as of yesterday it won't heat on any setting, so I think it has finally given up the ghost. Thanks for such a lifetime of service!

Beloved toaster oven, now at rest after 40 long years of excellent service

Now I'm off to start shopping for a replacement toaster oven, but I'm sure they don't make 'em like they used to...this one was older than me!

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Frackin' Toaster!

Did you see the Robots show at SJ Museum of Art yet?

Get crafty!

/idogcow (who has lost his password)

They most certainly do not make'em like they used to... I think my family's first one lasted quite a while (but not 40 years!). I think the family average on a toaster oven is about 5 years...


I had a toaster oven that I bought refurbished in 1979 that finally gave up the ghost last year. Can't remember if it was GE or Black and Decker, anyway, it was great.

I bought a new B&D to replace it but doesn't do nearly the job of the old one, sigh, I'm almost sorry I threw the old one away. The toaster part still worked ok and the oven would work when you turned the temperature dial about a thousand times.

While the oven works ok on this one the toaster does not work as nicely...

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