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...she cheers in her best Gene Wilder Frederick Frankenstein voice! ;)

I fixed it! :D

After my 40-year-old toaster oven died last week, I looked around for a replacement, but I was not enamored with anything I found for sale. They were too big, mostly ugly, bad reviews on Amazon, clicking timers, annoying beeps, all digital, by Thursday I got the idea to try taking mine apart to see if I could fix it. I am no electronics expert, but this was so old there was no circuit boards, just electrical connections, and due to my lamp rewiring project and other light fixture work in recent years, I can figure out simple circuits.

Thankfully my multi-head screwdriver was the perfect rachet size for the bolts and the rest were screws. I got it all apart & inspected the connections. The wiring is just bare wire ends soldered onto the ends of the heating implements and all those were still intact. Since no heat worked on any setting, I suspected the power supply, and that's the only connection that looked suspect...but one of those leads did shock me so maybe it was okay? I do have a lightbulb rigged as a circuit tester from the lamp project, but that didn't light on the bare ends of the power supply side, so maybe one of the pair of leads was bad from the plug end. Just in case I cut & respliced that connection with some mini wire nuts and tested but no luck. Testing the oven was a bit of a challenge, since I didn't want to go to the effort of putting everything back together if it didn't work, but without the insulated plastic sides in place, I couldn't push the start lever without touching exposed metal that shocks! I propped up the oven on the plastic sides flat on the ground, then I was able to test, but no luck since nothing heated at all. Next I cannibalized an ungrounded indoor extension cord, chopped off the end, fed it , and wired that instead of the original power cord and tested again...voila! I heard the telltale hum immediately, tested both oven and toast, and there was heat! Putting everything back together was a little bit of a challenge because the mini wire nuts were still larger than the inline connections, but once I crammed those in behind the flashing properly, the rest went back together with no problems. I tested again after reassembly and it's still fine, even though the brown cord doesn't match the black & silver design. ;)

IT'S ALIVE! A cannibalized new power cord has given my 40-year-old toaster oven a new lease on life!

Now I am completely out of bread so I wasn't able to use my resurrected toaster oven this morning, but I will be using it soon! Hooray! Think this will last another 40 years? haha...
Tags: appliances, electrical, home, toaster oven

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