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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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in Edinburgh...
Well, after a very LONG & cramped flight (my knees were permanently shoved up against the seat in front of me!), we made it to Heathrow without much sleep at all, then the connecting flight to Edinburgh...customs & immigration were nice & easy since our bags were checked at customs for us while we went through the domestic terminal painlessly with our passports & carryons...

After a shower & a short nap for Melanie & me, we all went to dinner at Merchant's, where we had HAGGIS! Yes, haggis! Not in the traditional sheep's stomach casing, but a flaky pastry bag...then the main course was excellent moist salmon with new potatoes and carrots...followed by a yummy chocolate cake oddly paired with a bright green applesauce...? Delicious none the less...!

For the geekiest part, though, we are currently sitting in the bar of the Menzies Belford Hotel, sipping port or Guinness, while I'm using Steve Crane's PowerBook G4 on wifi that I just paid for on my Visa at £6 for 1 hour...we're going to share the connection, check email, etc, but since I paid, I'm first...can you tell we're a Silicon Valley choir? hehe! ;) Check out the pic!

Night 1 (http://www.britta.com/UK2004/night1.jpg)

Tomorrow is our first concert at St Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile, with private tour of the cathedral beforhand, then we come back to the hotel, change clothes, then have our tour of the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle in the afternoon...

Until next time!

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Yay! I'm so glad you guys got there okay! It sounds like you guys are all going to have a fabulous time. I have added your livejournal to my daily rounds, so don't disappoint me! :)


guinness, edinburgh and the royal mile -- i'm SO envious! sounds like you've settled in nicely, best of luck with the concert (what a beautiful venue it's in!)! :)

Good luck, everyone!

Hi! This is Keith's friend, Rose. Hiya Keith! Missed you at work, but glad you and everyone else made it abroad safe and sound. Wow - first night away and already you're at a pub. Your group knows how to live it up! ;) Thanks, Britta, for keeping us posted. Good luck to everybody and have fun!!

To be a TRUE geek, you'd have to have brought your *own* powerbook. But of course, i know it's getting fixed :)


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