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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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australia, ocean
I just saw The Dark Knight in IMAX...OH...MY....GOSH...!

I had heard a lot of it was filmed in IMAX, which is square aspect ratio, but I assumed they would crop for normal widescreen and show the same version but on the big IMAX screen...no way! About half the movie was full IMAX, filling the screen, and shots obviously composed for that format with details at the very bottom & top of the screen! Very impressive! Add that to the movie that everyone has been talking about already for the same reasons - Oscar-worthy performance as the truly psychotic Joker, sophisticated character development of why anyone would become either Batman or the Joker (or even Two-Face), and you have your must-see film of the summer for sure...but you already knew that. All I'm telling you is that if you thought you saw Dark Knight already but didn't see it on IMAX, go see it again...and I'll go with you! Honestly I am curious how they cropped those IMAX shots down to widescreen or if they panned & scanned vertically...heh! I had seen the first 6 minutes on widescreen on the BluRay of Batman Begins this past weekend, so seeing that same portion in IMAX the story was the same of course, but the impact was even more impressive.

Thank goodness I have outgrown the nightmares I used to get when I was a little girl...definitely not your friendly neighborhood Batman movie for the kids!

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The new film certainly sets the bar high for all comicbook movies - it was the Batman film I've been waiting to see all along, but the studios never quite delivered. Can't wait to see it on IMAX (although I don't think it's showing on the screen here in Cleveland-darn!). Must..find it...somehwere...else!

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to see that movie...you have no idea, but, a little bit difficult for me now since I'm almost 7 months pregnant, you know. So...I'll have to wait. I think all of my friends have already seen it...poor me! hahaha

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