brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

happy birthday to me

My grandmother and I will be cruising the Alaskan coastline in one month! Aug 29th-Sept 5th on the Celebrity Infinity sailing from Seattle, supposedly a very nice ship from at least two personal accounts. She's gone several times before and said to me "September is no's beautiful weather" to which I replied, "Grandma, I remember you said 'I've cruised the Caribbean in October plenty of times and hurricanes are no problem'...and the last cruise I took with you we ended up in Hurricane Roxanne!" haha...

At any rate, as of earlier today the cruise is now booked with an ocean view stateroom with excursions at each port, including a sled dog ride with time for husky puppy cuddling (how cute is that?!?), and a cider brewery & farm on Vancouver Island, among other cool things. I haven't been that impressed with the cruises I've been on before, but the Alaska cruises have sounded different, more for the gorgeous scenery, glaciers & wildlife than the sunbathing & partying of other cruising, especially since my grandma is turning 94 in November, and even though she's still doing very well, I'm not sure how many more years I will have to travel with her. For those of you who might be saying "traveling with grandma?!?" let me describe to you how she was dancing for her 90th birthday to "Five Foot Two" with her full glass of scotch on the rocks in hand, nary spilling a drop. That's MY grandma! :)
Tags: alaska, birthday, cruise, travel

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