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Halloween season has definitely begun - Eerie Elegance on sale now!

Each year I've been posting when Halloween season begins for me, but this year it's here in a REALLY big way! Finally, the big news I've been hinting at is here! I am VERY pleased to announce that my first book is now for sale, just in time for Halloween season!

Eerie Elegance
How to Host a Haunt and Other Fabulous Frights
Britta Blvd Publishing

$19.95 + S&H + US sales tax where applicable
available worldwide

Eerie Elegance Banner 625x153

For those of you who have been asking why my Halloween pages on Britta Blvd have not been updated in recent years, this is why! I have been working on this book since the summer of 2006! It contains my large collection of Halloween Recipes with a few new ones not even on my website yet, with extra how-to photographs and explanations, plus the decoration & display how-tos I have been asked about via emails for so many years. Everyone who asked "How?" helped me refine my explanations, so thank you for asking! I really appreciate not only the support from friends and family, but especially the support from Halloween fans I've only met online, who all said I should write a book. :)

Now begins the "marketing" campaign! There are already links to Eerie Elegance all over Britta Blvd, and the book will soon be listed on as well as my own e-store, but I would appreciate any help or ideas any of you can provide. If you have a blog or website, please spread the word, and there are banners you can use on the Agonizing Accessories page on the Eerie Elegance website. Next on my list is a press release I can send to the several newspaper reporters who have interviewed me for articles over the years...then who knows what else? :)

I also plan on filming a few video podcasts of individual recipes and/or projects as teasers for the book, so here's a poll for you to vote which recipes or projects should be the first 3 to be filmed:

Poll #1255591 Eerie Elegance Video Podcasts

Which recipe or project should be filmed first for the Eerie Elegance podcasts?

Eerie Eyeballs
Haunted Human Heart
Batato Chips
Bizarre Brain Pate
Savory Spiders with Gooey Guts
Spooky Spectres (inexpensive hanging ghosts)
Cardboard Headstones
Realistic Battery Candle Sleeves
Glowing Mad Scientist Display

Enormous thanks to...

  • my editing and development crew, whether early on or in the final crunch: Natasha, Tracia, Nathania, Teje, Robin, and my mom Diane.
  • all my fellow Halloween fans from all over the globe. It is always so much fun to hear from you!
  • all my party guests, friends & family over the years for being my captive audience! I hope you've had as much fun as I've had!

    Everyone's encouragment and support over the years caused me to write this book, so I couldn't have done it without you all!

    I hope you enjoy Eerie Elegance!

    P.S. Alaska was a blast, but the proof copy of my book was waiting for me when I got home, so this takes priority over documenting the trip. Never fear - full Alaska details should be here later this week. :)

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