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Detours off Britta Blvd


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this & that...
This weekend in Seattle for my grandmother's 90th birthday party was a lot of fun...my PowerPoint presentation of "The First Ninety Years" was a big hit, complete with soundtrack and projected on a large screen at a country club at the actual party Saturday afternoon...then back at the house, after some command performances of anything lyric I could sing, a sightreading trial-by-fire for me of all sorts of songs that were already oldies when my mother was little, so I didn't know most of them, but fun none the less! Here's an example: my 41-yr-old millionaire cousin Stephen was doing the Hokey Pokey in the living room with the rest of us! haha...It was basically simulating the jam sessions I've always heard about but never experienced myself when my grandfather (22 years gone now as of last Friday, the day after my grandmother's actual birthday) and his friends would get together to play with everyone singing along...I think I was "channeling" my grandfather this weekend at least musically, and my grandmother made a point of telling people how I am the one most like my grandfather in my artistic and musical talent... :)

The fog in Seattle on the way back made for a frustrating Monday at the airport, but the worst was getting back an hour late already, getting all my stuff packed to jet off to choir rehearsal, then the Briata didn't start again - just like it did a couple months ago - AARGH! So I plopped all my stuff into the Honda (yes, thank goodness I have another car!), went to choir, then spent about 30 minutes in 3 separate attempts in duplicating the success from last time before I finally got it started. Since the problem is gone yet again, and it's starting perfectly right away now, I'm just going to schedule a major service and hope they find whatever's wrong when they do that...now to find the time & where to get it done...

Of course since I was gone all weekend, my house still looks like Halloween exploded, so there is plenty more cleaning to get done before I can get out my Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving! whew!

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i want your car!!! i've wanted a miata since i was 17 ... a guy i dated (an "older" man ... he was 22 at the time!) had a blue one, and i fell in love with it. (come to think of it, i liked the car more than him!) it's been my goal for the past 15 years of my life to own one ... first it was going to be my 25th birthday present to myself, then my 30th, now it's slowly creeping towards my 35th ... but mark my words, one day! one day!!!

in the meantime, i'll just drool over yours. SO cute! and i love the colour! (and licence plate!)

Thanks! If you already read the Briata page on my site, you saw I've wanted a Miata ever since they came out in 1989... :) I had to spend way too much money to get it painted my favorite color teal this past January, but I absolutely love it! Aside from this weird starting problem it has just developed, I've had no real problems with it yet, and it'll be 7 years in April... :)

At least you have your cute little Mini Cooper now! That's probably much more practical than a two-seater with no trunk space...heh! ;)

hee. in a way, the mini IS a two-seater with no trunk space! one day, the mini will be my other car and i'll have a miata, too. :)

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