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Eerie Elegance update
This just in! Eerie Elegance is now available on Amazon as well as my e-store!

Eerie Elegance Cover
$19.95 + S&H

Eerie Elegance Banner 300x75
$19.95 + S&H

I checked yesterday on Amazon but it wasn't there yet. Funny thing is my mom's friend found it this morning & bought a copy before I even knew it was available! I had been warned in the FAQs it might take up to 15 days to be listed so I was planning on being patient. Maybe having already sold 16 copies in the first 2 days without Amazon's marketing machine encouraged them to get a move on. ;) After you receive your copies, if you feel so inclined, please write a review on Amazon!

Thankfully my nasty cold is finally on the way out, so tonight I hope to be able to start organizing my Alaska photos and writing my trip summary. I hadn't been sick since early last October, but if not being sick for 11 months kicks my butt like this cold did, I'll gladly take a lesser cold every 4 months or so instead! :P

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Looks like Bootie Camp kicked that cold to the curb!
And yay for selling books before you knew they were available!

I think it was more the full night sleep I finally got, including cooperative kitties for once... ;)

Hey, I wasn't selling books before they were available! They were available through my e-store as of Saturday afternoon even though I didn't announce until Sunday when I had my website ready. Those 16 copies were sold through my e-store, which actually earns me more profit per book than Amazon does. Both channels are great to have so customers have a choice! :)

Technically, she was right . . .

You sold one before you knew it was available on Amazon--Juanita was right! What a fun way to get the sales under way. And all those sold without any family members buying any yet. Excellent!

love, mom

I've ordered two!

And I already got a mail saying they've been shipped. Also, I've made you a nominee in a blogger's love bombing project. Read (and translate) my blog to see!


Okay, so the second I saw that you came out with a book I immediately bought it through Well, it arrived today!!!

Congratulations! I've been a fan of Britta Blvd for a few years, now, and am so excited to see how far you've come!

The book is fabulous, and I'm looking forward to enjoying more of your creativity in the future. :)

Thank you so much!

I'm so glad it arrived safely! You are the first person who has told me they received it...hooray! :) Seems fitting somehow that the first one to arrive went to the city where I arrived into this world...heehee...(I peeked at your order details!)

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