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Eerie Elegance update

Another quick update on Eerie Elegance...

  • Book flyers are at several local costume stores, Wishing Well in Roseville, Affordable Treasures in Los Gatos, and Spirit Halloween stores in Roseville, San Jose & Santa Clara
  • Resale flyers have been given to Books Inc in Mountain View, and Borders & Barnes & Noble in San Jose, but I'm not expecting much since their Halloween displays already look set
  • 83 books sold in September, 87 total as of today, and still going!
  • 5 reviews now on, all 5 of 5 stars! I am SO happy everyone is liking the book so much!
  • First video podcast (Bizarre Brain Pate) WILL go up Sunday night, but I'm still editing this weekend
  • I've set up PayPal and USPS stuff so that I can sell & ship books personally with flat-rate USPS Priority Mail print at home postage & customs forms...but that means I need to GET my books first! I'm still waiting for my 10 I ordered on Sep 15th *sigh*

    So, whoever still wants autographed copies you can order directly from me via the PayPal link on my order page...and if you all already bought your copies already, that's fine setup costs to me for the PayPal or USPS stuff, and I learned a lot. :)

    Now there is one more non-Halloween project that MUST get finished this weekend but I'm very close, so I'm hoping to start this weekend on new Halloween projects. Last weekend's annual shopping trip was successful in many ways!

    Happy October & Happy Friday!

    P.S. I saw this Nightmare Before Christmas Ultimate Collector's DVD Set at Borders and I SOOOO want it...*drool* I must have a talking Jack Skellington!

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