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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Eerie Elegance video podcasts!
The first Eerie Elegance podcast is now live! :)

Eerie Elegance has its own blog now, with its own RSS feed, mainly for the podcast releases.

iTunes also approved my podcast already! It isn't searchable yet, but you can find it directly at this link and subscribe if you like!

Subscribe to Eerie Elegance on iTunes!

It is also on YouTube but since it's 13 minutes long I had to split it into two parts:

The archive will also be here on the Eerie Elegance website.

This was the very first project we filmed, unscripted live, so forgive my rambling with random extra words, and we were still figuring out best techniques & lighting in my home kitchen. I had to film all the others myself, but I think I got better at the rambling...Hope you like them!

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My 8 year old twins watched these vids with me and they think you are the best. My daughter was totally freaked out. My son loved the brain. Awesome.

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