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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Halloween press & projects, plus books shipped!
I just got off the phone being interviewed by the Canadian Press, an agency that feeds stories to news outlets across Canada. They have no idea which outlets will run the Halloween article, but anyone in Canada please watch for my eyeball recipe and quotes from me about how Halloween just keeps becoming more popular. She thinks it'll be the week before Halloween, so please let me know if you see it! :)

In Eerie Elegance news, I got my first 10 books finally this week, but they have already all been shipped out today since you guys already bought them all...wow! I didn't expect that many people to want autographed copies! To quote Sally Field, "You LIKE me! You REALLY like me!" hahaha! I clicked to send the email shipping notification from USPS so hopefully that will work. Everyone who had purchased as of this morning was shipped today via USPS Priority Mail, and there are 20 more on their way to me to replenish my stock. Also, review #6 showed up on Amazon today, and reading it I got a little verklempt! aawww...not sure if Lori from PA is a blog reader but just in case, thank you SO much!

Interestingly my ad revenue is half the rate as last year at this time, so I don't know if that's because I have more recipes on my own page leaving less reason to click away, or if my book ad is taking attention away from the Google ads, but it's still not shabby. I have already more than made up for the difference in ad revenue by book sales profit since I've hit 110 books sold as of today!

Two new Halloween projects have been completed this week...a new front door wreath of 40 pairs of mini skeleton hands plus a skull door knocker, and very eerily elegant pewter spider charms on the end of black silver-caged beads. One will replace the stupid spider hanging from my new web tier tray from Target, and I'm not sure where the rest will hang yet. They would also be lovely jewelry so I might make some more into new Webmistress of the Dark jewelry for myself...LOL!

More Halloween projects this weekend I hope, plus editing the witches' fingers podcast for Monday! Have a great weekend everyone!

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great work

keep up all your great work! I am making your eyeballs this year in addition to all my reg halloween stuff. I'm sure everyone at my shindig will be impressed by their Ghastlyness teehee. I am now a Britta addict...lol

I got my notification this morning!

I love that one reviewer has "guest envy." Hee hee!

- fishgirl

first of all, brilliant news about the CP interview! i will keep my eyes peeled (haha) for it up here, and if i see it on our wires (we get CP feeds daily), i will do my best to pitch it as a story to our front page news team -- i'll keep you posted!

... and very eerily elegant pewter spider charms on the end of black silver-caged beads. One will replace the stupid spider hanging from my new web tier tray from Target

pewter spider charms on the end of black silver beads!? do you have photos? i would LOVE to see what these look like! also -- the web tier tray from target -- can you take a photo of it for me? we don't have target in canada, to my eternal and utmost consternation, and i know what i'm missing out on. *sigh* target has the BEST halloween stuff. :(

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