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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Eerie Elegance Episode #2 - Freaky Witches' Fingers
Episode #2 is now live - Freaky Witches' Fingers!

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(This one was 11 minutes, just barely too long for a single YouTube segment. For some reason when splitting the segments, Part 1 is fine, but the YouTube encoding goes out of sync with the video for Part 2. I have no idea why since my split QuickTime version I uploaded to YouTube was fine. Watch the QuickTime version here, from iTunes or EerieElegance.com for best results.)

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I never thought to use non-dairy margarine. Is there a way to make this recipe for diabetics? I have a few guests this year who are. Like would I just replace the sugar for splenda? Have you ever tried that before?



I haven't tried Splenda in this recipe, but I have tried Splenda in other cookies before. Replacing all the sugar with Splenda will make the dough puffier & lighter, not as compact. Also powdered/icing sugar has a little corn starch in it already, which helps the dough thicken. My guess is if you use only Splenda in the fingers, you will lose the finger shape when they puff while baking, much like using baking powder would do before I altered the recipe. You might be able to use half sugar & half Splenda, but that still might make them puff a bit.

Also FYI this recipe already has less sugar than many other cookies. For example, my chocolate chip cookie recipe uses 2 cups sugar to 3 cups flour, and this is only 1 cup sugar to almost 3 cups flour, so it's probably already better for diabetics. If you can find a nutritional calculator online where you can input ingredients vs. serving yield, you can figure the actual sugar content per cookie. It might not be as bad as you think..? Or at least you could let your guests know so they can figure in with what other menu tradeoffs they are making.

Good luck & let me know how it works!

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