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Visited States vs. Visited Countries

weaktwos had this in her blog today...

Interesting...I've visited more states than I'd realized, but still sorely lacking in a lot of the country...

Of course my worldwide travel is also sorely lacking!

create your own visited countries map
create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Funny how just visiting a couple cities in a geographically large country (Russia, Canada, Mexico) make such a difference and artificially inflate how far I've traveled...don't worry, I still have plenty of the world to visit! Someday I'll get there... :)

I'm at my parents' house tonight...Doug's 40th birthday cake is finished for the party in Davis tomorrow afternoon, but my dad's Windows laptop somehow spontaneously decided to connect but not route with the AirPort base station since I configured it last time, and it's still defeating I'm giving up now & going to sleep...good night!

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