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australia, ocean

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australia, ocean

I've been doing a boot camp exercise class with multiple-black-belt Robin and some friends since August, and by now supposedly I should have more energy overall, but I am just wiped out when I get home from the class, so after eating & a shower I have no energy to get anything else done that I need to do. This is not normal for me to have no energy, since I can usually power through on sheer will power. I am so behind on Halloween I am about ready to cry...my costume isn't even started and I only have one week until my party! And the other non-Halloween project that was supposed to be completely done by now is still in process. It is also discouraging that it seems everyone else in the class is seeing results but I'm not. I accept that the scale won't show progress because I'm supposed to be building muscle, but I can't fit into any smaller clothes yet, and I've been going regularly, with my same or less eating habits, not more. I can accept no body shape progress & trust that I'm still doing good things for my body even if I can't tell, but the lack of energy now has me worried. After going to sleep earlier than ever & getting a solid 7 hrs sleep, I am still exhausted this morning. I must be doing something wrong, since Robin is a good teacher and I am trying my best.

Since no boot camp until Saturday morning again, I hope I can get stuff done tonight. I was able to blitz some minor stuff on Tuesday night with no boot camp, but having 2 nights each week unable to do other projects is really making me behind. Previous years when I was at choir rehearsal the same nights I was able to come home & get other stuff done, but even though I'm home earlier, it's just not working with how much I have to do before Oct 25th. I'll go Saturday morning, but I think I'm going to have to skip boot camp after that just until after my party is over. :(

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As long as you make sure to start again afterwards!
Sometimes you just have to feel worse for a hile before you start feeling better. When I switched jobs and started moving around much more Iwas so tired ALL tHE TIME for a full month I actually thought I might be pregnant. I'm slowly getting better now. You just keep it up and you will too.

Yes, I will start up again. If I didn't have so much on such specific deadlines right now, I wouldn't even stop...I kept hoping I would be able to do everything, but I'm afraid I've found my limit. I already feel like I'm letting everyone down for just taking a one-week break... :/

maybe its time to have some bloodwork done? perhaps your thyroid is out of whack or something.

I'm just a Halloween kindred spirit, I think you are the perfect woman. Don't stress over your body, you are just fine the way you are. What's inside matters most and believe me, you've got it!

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