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Detours off Britta Blvd


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quickie update
These are fabulous Tim Burton-inspired wedding cakes...I would LOVE to make something like this if I only had the time! I have to save my gingerbread haunted mansion idea for yet another year (going on 11 years postponed idea now *sigh*) but my hope is to have little figures all around, maybe from all sorts of different spooky movies then it could be a quiz also? Maybe next year!

I've gotten a lot of work done on my costume thank goodness, but no sewing quite yet, and the pipe organ is probably half-finished so I think I have a chance of finishing that today. There's another long-postponed idea that is finally happening! The witch is hanging with her brew stand in a different place this year, the foam walls are in place but need touchup since the giant windstorm had blown them into my neighbor's yard this past winter, and several decorations are setup inside the house, so there is progress being made. No flagstone walls up yet nor any party food prepped and only less than a week to go, so it's definitely frantic mode already!

I'm sore from yesterday's all-day party work, so I thought I'd use my slow start this morning to update here...now I've gotta get stuff done!

P.S. 130 copies of Eerie Elegance sold, but the 2-day shipping I paid extra for isn't doing much since I'm still waiting for my next shipment, so 6 people who have ordered autographed copies are waiting for books to arrive at my house. Sure hope they come soon!

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I feel ya on the frantic mode! My party is next week too, so I'm making all the props that I've postponed doing until today...which is bad cause mid prop I think of something else to make it better..so I'm creating more work for myself! With everything I have to do I'm not even going to be making food til Thursday. This party's theme is the one I've been postponing for 5 yrs--so I have to do it right!

Drkcloud4u (Kristin)

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