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Detours off Britta Blvd


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episode 3 & party prep update
Episode 3 is live! One of the most frequently requested "how did you do that?" questions over the years is answered in Eerie Elegance: Glowing Mad Scientist Display! Only one more episode for this season, and I'm thankful the editing can wait until AFTER my party! ;)

In party prep news, the pipe organ has made huge leaps & bounds of progress over the weekend but is not finished because Liquid Nails takes too *%& long to dry *sigh* but the shed is cleaned out & black curtains have been hung to hide my storage with room for the pipe organ to be inside the graveyard chapel. For my costume my crown is mostly done, the bodice lining & fabric is cut & pinned, and the skirt cut out but will need experimentation so plenty left to do on that unfortunately. Some new LED candles are complete which won't give off much light but will be safer in the wall sconces (someone actually lighted the decorative candles in the bathroom that made a mess onto my Halloween towels last year!). My Beware the Brocade Victorian-inspired lampshade is done which matches the new purple sheer spiderweb curtains. The piano window facing the street has the giant cat eyes window cling, which I absolutely LOVE! I swear it looks like Ebony since it is her eye color, and Onyx never has that same mischievous look on his face. ;) The gargoyle columns are still fine since I was able to fit them in the shed all year, but the foam walls for the chapel & patio suffered in the giant winter windstorm, flying into my neighbor's yard so I had to collect the broken pieces, so I knew those might need some help. Some of the foam was eaten away so will need to be repainted as "distressed" but there was only one small piece completely missing that is easy to repair & hide behind a column, so it could have been much worse! The touchup paint can wait until later this week.

My to-do list is so huge I will not inflict you with it here...ack! No food is done at all, and there are usually a couple batches of cookies baked by now...ACK! I only found tiny purple potatoes so far, so we might not have Batato Chips after all, so I'll hit a few more stores this week to see if I can find any. Also since my new kittens last year shredded a few of the flagstone gossamer walls trying to climb them, I just ripped them down & shoved them in bags, so that won't be easy to put back up, so I keep postponing in case I have to keep the walls white - yuck! Wish me luck getting everything done!

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There appears to be a glitch in the video around the beginning of he dry ice section.

Hmmm...I just watched the hosted version online and it all worked fine for me? I did edit some rambling out while I was putting the dry ice into the containers so maybe you thought the quick cross-dissolve was a glitch?

Maybe it is my computer. It stopped playing all-together right when the dry ice came out of the cooler. The screen turned green for a bit, and wouldn't play the rest. I tried reloading. Again, it might be my computer :). Thanks for checking!

Sorry about that! Yeah I definitely watched the whole thing through that spot, so the problem isn't in the file. Maybe you hit the server the same time as someone else or something. The LJ embedding code might be weird so you can try clicking to the Eerie Elegance page and watching it there that might work better. It's also on YouTube but the quality is less...at least it all fits in one YouTube video this time! :)

Is all the boiling sound coming from the display or did you have a secret stash of boiling water near the camera? sounds perfect! I like your inflection on this one.

love, mom

Yeah, when filming I thought for sure I'd need extra bubble sounds which is why I said you could hear them up close, but those were all natural! I was surprised when I watched the footage that the sound traveled that far to the camera! :)

You're not the only one...

I am in the same predicament, and see no end in sight! Good luck with getting everything done. I'm sure it will be fabulous as always!

fantastic video! Great work!

I just ordered the book! I can not wait to get it. I love the videos, keep up the good work.

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