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last episode for 2008
Savory Spiders with Gooey Guts is now live!

My annual Halloween Party Post-Mortem with photos will be later today I hope!

P.S. I don't want to jinx anything since it's not for sure yet, but let's just say please send your positive thoughts about me to Chicago since you might have a really cool reason to watch Oprah on Halloween day! :-o

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good luck!

Sending postitive thoughts to Oprah.... that would be really cool!

~drkcloud4u (Kristin)

Hey, I'm sorry I didn't make it.
But I really need to quit thinking I have the energy to do anything but go home on a gig night. I was snockered...and they had a delightful syrah, that really kinda helped in the energy suck department. I hear it was fun, and OMG...Kevin in a dress...that had to be good enough in itself. Oh yeah...and wha'ts this about Oprah, now?? Ruth told me something, but not I need to read earlier blog posting??

Good Luck

I can't stand Oprah but I'd watch if you were on her show!

*crosses fingers for you* Hopefully it works out! :)

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