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Detours off Britta Blvd


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more press!
I forgot to google myself for the Canadian Press stuff until after the other article came out today...here we go! Looks like these came out on the 20th/21st so I'm late to the party! No wonder I've been getting autographed book orders from Canada the past week! ;)

Ghoulish or gross? Finding the right balance for Halloween entertaining
(This seems to be the longest version)

Halloween party food that takes guts to eat

Halloween entertaining: drawing the line between ghoulish and gross

'Eyeballs' are a versatile ingredient on Halloween menus

'Eyeballs' are a versatile ingredient on Halloween menus

Eerie eyeballs to eat
(too bad they didn't use my actual eyeball photo provided with the CP article! :P)

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great press!

This fellow sure likes your eyeball recipe. And it was great how he rephrased the article different ways to include more things from your book. No wonder you are getting Canadian orders!



that's our site! i asked our lifestyles editor on monday to let me know if she used any of your stuff and she said she hadn't seen it. bah. anyway, i'm glad it's up there and getting your name out there!

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