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new Star Trek trailer!

The new Star Trek movie trailer was released today, with actual content, including a scene on Vulcan! I am excited now, even though I know I will have to distance myself from my own personal Trek canon to enjoy this film... As long as they do NOT mess too much with my beloved Spock, I can consider this just another facet of Trek, like how I can enjoy the original Oz books as well as Wicked, even though they are such completely different interpretations of the same source material.

Official Star Trek Movie website (trailer & gallery - much fancier than when I saw this site last week!)
exclusive footage from (mostly the same but a few different glimpses)

I was hoping I could get away with my Classic Trek miniskirt uniform for the movie opening...but seeing the photos in the gallery on the official website, Uhura is wearing a red v-neck, waffle-weave tshirt minidress & black mock turtleneck instead. If I can do some thriftstore shopping before May & find the perfect stuff, that might be easy enough to do...we'll see!

You can also find spoilers of 4 scenes shown to press on in Related Articles as "RT Sees Star Trek Footage", but for extra safety I won't even provide the link in case you want to remain spoiler-free. The trailer had me excited, then the scene reports had me scaling back into my "separate but equal" opinion above. Let's just say it'll be quite difficult to reconcile with even the little snippets of canon that we have from that early period. ;)

I am finally over my nasty cold that had me out of commission for 2 weeks around Halloween day (waah!), so now that another major project is so close to fruition, I think I can finally get my Alaska trip posted!
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