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Just got back from the midnight showing...unfortunately even over an hour early and 3 open theatres, we could only sit in the 2nd row center...boy does my neck hurt! It was also out of focus that close, but there's a lot of soft focus anyway, and it is set in overcast Washington state, so I guess it could have been worse. Of course there are nitpicks as when any book is transferred to film, some more understandable than others, but the essence of the book shows through. I definitely do NOT miss highschool in the least, especially goofy highschool boys, which was made clear by the very believable fellow students on screen. ;) Boy was there product placement! Bella had a black MacBook, not sure if that was a white iPhone or not, lots of Google searching, even including screen shots. I also kept cracking up at the copious cans of Rainier beer with the distinctive curly red R on the silver can. I would like to see the movie at the proper distance with the proper focus but don't need to spend another $11 to do so...could be on DVD someday instead. I did have a fun movie watching partner in the gushing Team Edward fan next to me...thanks Josh! I finally have book 3 courtesy of Lori - it has even been backordered on Amazon, so the rest of them had to be careful discussing plot points since I was asking not to be spoiled, but I will not be starting that tonight, since I need some sleep!

P.S. The new Half-Blood Prince trailer was also uncomfortable to watch being so close! I guess I'll need to download it to see it properly...
Tags: movies, twilight

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