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Guitar Hero Cake

For a decade now I have made an elaborate birthday cake for my friend's daughter's birthday party the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The cake always must go with the party theme, which this year was Guitar Hero. Earlier this year, a fellow Halloween fan had emailed me the recipe for marshmallow fondant she had found & used to rave reviews for a wedding cake, so never having used any fondant ever before, I decided the smooth plastic guitar video game controller would be an excellent reason to try...

Making of the Guitar Hero Controller Cake

Since cake is difficult to cut too small, I decided on cake for the guitar body with cereal treats molded as the neck & head of the guitar. Thanksgiving night after dinner, I made two full batches of marshmallow fondant, one white & one black, since I wasn't sure how much I would I have lots of leftovers so hope they'll last awhile! It took all my black gel food coloring plus half a large bottle of liquid black and it still only looked gray to me until it dried! That was a LOT of kneading, and thank goodness for good gloves! Since the controller used on the invitation was the Playstation model, I found a good image online, checked 3D details against the invitation, and printed it at the size that would fit my recycled dry-erase coated foamcore board. I knew I'd find a use for that board someday! I printed out the guitar image 9"x28" on two sheets of paper that I taped together as my scale model.

paper stencil, cereal treat neck, modeling chocolate buttons & whammy bar

Before using the paper as a stencil, I used it under a layer of clear cling film to protect the paper to mold the cereal treat guitar neck. I used leftover black modeling chocolate from the edible iPhone last year to make the various buttons and whammy bar, since they needed time to dry to set properly. The modeling chocolate was completely fine in a zip bag in my fridge over a year! Once the cereal treats were set enough, I moved them off the paper, and the cake was cool enough to cut into the shape of the guitar body using the paper as the stencil. A single layer of cake looked more like the real guitar and the neck was just the right height how high the cake came out...whew!

cut cake, neck, buttons on final board

After I mixed up the chocolate frosting required to glue the fondant onto the surfaces and even out the texture, I rolled out the white fondant to size on a Roul'Pat, then quickly frosted the cake. I knew that frosting starts to dry fairly quickly and I needed it still sticky for the fondant to adhere properly. Since the neck would be black, I pulled the cereal treats away from the guitar body to cover the cake body cleanly with the white fondant.

white marshmallow fondant in place before trimming, neck moved

Once that was smoothed to my "satisfaction" (yes I could have fussed endlessly about the bubbles but honestly it was already about 1am and I decided it was good enough for my first try!), I trimmed with a pizza cutter and small knife, then patted the sides as much as possible underneath the bottom edges. I cut the fret buttons out of leftover white fondant and set them aside. I rolled out the black fondant, frosted the neck, then repeated the same process of patting, smoothing & trimming. Maybe it was already practice, or the frosted cereal treats were a better surface, since no bubbles on the neck! I cut the black body trim out of my paper stencil, then cut that flat piece out of black fondant, then wet the destination fondant as glue and placed on the white cake body.

all fondant in place

There wasn't much room for Happy Birthday, so I decided it would look best on the neck, and of course I copied the Guitar Hero rocker font from the invitation. There was no way I'd be able to pipe that scale, so I decided to paint with a fine brush and silver luster dust. I really wanted to include the colored fret buttons to make it clear this was the video game, not a real guitar, so that meant the birthday girl's name was on the head instead. Since the head was curved like the real controller, it's a little hard to see the band name "Ashlyn 11" was all there. I freehand painted the lettering with silver luster dust in water, and one coat was a bit anemic, so I painstakingly went over it all a second time. By this time it was about 2:30am, but I still wasn't finished, since I still had to paint, and attach the fret buttons! Then I took copious photos, since you never know what might happen overnight... ;)

finished Guitar Hero cake...around 3am...whew!

closeup showing 3D buttons & whammy bar

closeup showing head lettering and fret buttons

Last year I had my first mishap with transporting that cake for the 45-minute drive to the party, so I was paranoid about this year. I found 2 cake boxes I taped together to fit around this custom 12"x30" cake board, then wedged it between pillows & things I was taking back from the long weekend at my parents' house...hooray it made it unscathed to the party, and everyone was thoroughly impressed! :)

Guitar Hero Controller Cake

Bonus non-cake photo...I threw together a tame rock star outfit from random bits in my closet (too bad you can't see my buckly Edward Scissorhands boots!), and I matched the punch fountain...haha!

Rock Star Britta matched the punch fountain...haha!
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