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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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illustrated by yours truly!
At long last, I am pleased to announce the other project that has been consuming by time before & after Halloween...I have illustrated a children's book! My friend Natasha whom I met in 7th grade asked me last Christmas if I would illustrate the story she had written about a family adopting from China, with plans to make it a trilogy eventually, so January 2008 was the debut of Britta Blvd Publishing, since I knew we were going to release at least two books now, with more to come later!

Thank goodness for email since this was a lot of concept sketching, revisions, scanning & emailing for approval since Natasha lives in Truckee, 5 hours away from me. Even though I am my own worst critic & could point out my nitpicks, I am quite proud of how the illustrations capture the mood & essence of the story, and Natasha is VERY pleased at the physical proof copy she received last week, so I am so happy to help realize her vision!

Prayers for Baby Sister: An Adoption Journey is now available on Amazon and on CreateSpace via the book's order page. Example illustrations are on the book website as well, just click to enlarge, but not high-quality for printing...for that you have to buy the book! I don't even have my copy yet, but hopefully it'll come before I leave town for Christmas... :)