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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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This does not bode well for me being gone as of Friday, let alone gone all day at work! This was their safe room, and now just as of tonight Onyx has figured out how to open the door! I'm seriously thinking of buying a round doorknob & replacing the lever style before I leave for Christmas!

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I am so sorry, but I am laughing here. Those are some smart Kitties!

Oh it is hilarious! That's me you hear laughing loudly at the end...but they are also so destructive I'm scared for what they'd do unsupervised to the rest of my house, especially if they got hurt in the process! Tonight I'll try switching doorknobs between rooms since my bathroom has a round knob...

Wow! That is incredible- I love how they watch the handle for awhile, waiting for it to move on it's own. Onyx hanging on it though, that is hilarious!

That's sort of "hooray, my kitties are so smart and badass!" and "well, crap!", all rolled up into one. Heh.

(Deleted comment)

I love the teamwork!

OMG! That's priceless. I'll be chuckling about this for days.

Sorry for the lateness of reading this, I'm trying to catch up on blog reading.

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