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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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on our way!
After at least 3 times reversing each decision yesterday, we are on our way in the RV up to Seattle, braving the "Storm of the Century" to get there! We're already north of Yreka to make it over the Siskiyous this afternoon. My dad was looking at going up the Oregon coast instead but the snowfall there is actually worse than inland! He scrutinized the National Weather Service forecasts yesterday and decided we could still try, since by Tuesday it's supposed to warm up, so by the time we get up that way we might be able to make it through. If we have to turn around we will, and we have our generator, gas & a very full fridge, plus down comforters so we can even sleep on the side of the road in the RV if need be. I just called my grandma that we are trying to come up after all, and she said there are 4" of snow at her house on Puget Sound north of Seattle, which is practically unheard of!

Wish us luck getting there, and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

P.S. KittenCam is live again, and the round doorknob now on the bedroom door seems to be doing it's job...whew!

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We got around 8 inches here in Tacoma last night, and it's still snowing, they're doing a great job of keeping the freeways clear...but watch out on those side streets! I'm sure you'll make it safe and sound =)

Merry Christmas!

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