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up the coast

We had decent weather, drizzle only and reasonable traffic, before dark pulling in to Sutherlin last night, just north of Roseburg, Oregon. The RV park had free wifi & local TV hookup, so after dinner my mom blogged & my dad was watching TV & laptop surfing while I made 3 jars of pickled salmon since we didn't have time to make it before we left. I was done & cleaned up before 7:30 so my mom & I played Scrabble like last year...but I was way ahead of her the whole game this year, and even with my last letter subtracting 8 points, I still beat her something like 235 to 187. Luck of the tiles, but since I was so far ahead already, I did show her how to lay her same 3 letters for twice the points...haha!

This morning the question was still which way to try to get to Seattle...I-5 through Portland required chains all the way through & had cancelled all flights, but there was even so much snow in Astoria those roads were closed! We have been on the phone with just about every relative up this dad's cousin in Astoria, my dad's brother in Newport on the Oregon coast & my mom's brother-in-law up in Bellevue, WA. After joint road webcam views on cellphone calls & an inside report from the Oregon state police (my uncle has connections) that no chains required over Hwy 20 through Corvalis, we agreed that our best chance is to go up the coast, stay the night in Seaside just south of Astoria, and hope that tomorrow we can get through Astoria up the Washington coast through Seattle up to Edmonds. It's supposed to be warming up the next couple days, plus the coast should warm up sooner than inland. Hopefully this will work! Since we're driving through Newport this way, we're stopping for lunch to see my aunt & uncle, so that will be nice.

I've never seen so much snow up here on any of our Christmas trips, which has been the majority of my sure LOOKS like Christmas, that's for sure!

Somewhere between Corvalis and Newport in Oregon
Tags: christmas, oregon, seattle, travel

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