brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

we made it!

After pizza lunch with my aunt & uncle, we made it to Seaside in gorgeous weather with ocean views. We camped in a nice place my parents had stayed at last summer, complete with wifi that reached from the clubhouse to our site (yay!), and an inside pool with jacuzzi...I knew I kept my bathing suit in my bag for a reason! My mom didn't have a suit so my dad & I went over after dinner to soak our weary bones...him from driving, me from sleeping on the RV couch that isn't helping my recent back issues, even with a chiropractor visit before we left...

Safest & nicest weather all trip up the Oregon coast from Newport to Seaside

Since Lori had commented on Facebook NOT to go to the Pig N Pancake in Seaside, that made my dad's mouth water for the Pig N Pan in his hometown Astoria! Since we were giving ourselves time for the ice to melt as much as possible, we had a leisurely morning, even finding some holly to decorate the front of the RV, then went straight to the Pig N Pan on the main drag of Astoria, carefully parking the RV. Browsing the menu I saw a seasonal special of fried razor clams with eggs...I haven't had razor clams in who knows when, probably since before I was in double-digits. There are photos when I was was 3 years old with my arm in the sand up to my shoulder digging for razor clams, then my dad's mom would fry them and they were tasty! So my mom thought it was disgusting, but my dad had to have some too off my plate, and I had a nice nostalgic moment for brunch. :)

Fried razor clams, eggs & pancakes at the Astoria Pig N Pan!

We had heard while filling up at the Warrenton Costco that people had been making it south from Seattle okay this morning, so we decided to go ahead and take Hwy 30 to Longview, then I-5 up to Seattle & Edmonds, since that would be quicker than up the coast to Olympia. Well, it was beautiful but a little nerve-wracking driving over completely white snow-packed wonder that highway had been closed just yesterday & before!

Beautiful but dangerous on the way from Astoria to Longview

I-5 from Longview to Seattle wasn't too bad, just a little icy but mostly clear, so we did make it safely to Woodway just before dark, with a little RV getting stuck issue in my grandma's yard, but not as bad as last year, thank goodness. My grandma says she has never seen such snow here and she's been in this house over 40 years. Elsie the black Lab who only saw snow for the first time last year, and only the barest dusting of white then, has had an absolute ball running everywhere, snorting her face in the deep snow, just like she did in the sand pile at my house when she was a tiny puppy. She kept wanting to go outside to play again tonight when Tule the older Lab was preferring to stay inside where it was warm. ;)

Unfortunately after running around in the snow helping my dad get the RV unstuck, my nose has started dripping & my throat is sore, so I guess my hopefully second Christmas in a row without being sick might not happen. I've already snorted some Zicam and will be turning in soon, uncharacteristically early, so hopefully tomorrow I can enjoy my Christmas Eve!
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