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almost home...

Saturday was a frustrating day. We wanted to get going by 9am, so when I woke up hearing movement in the kitchen, I jumped up, took the sheets off my bed & started packing, but my mom was on the phone with Good Sam requesting a tech to come out. This RV has had constant problems with the levelers, and they had worked on the drive up, but now 3 came up but one was stuck down, and we can't drive with a leveler down. My dad learned on their last trip how to crank it up by hand, but it takes about an hour underneath in the mud, so he decided to use the service they've already paid for & wait for the tech to arrive. 3 hours later, the tech still wasn't there, Good Sam tracked him down, and another 2 hrs he showed up, then needed to leave to buy the right finally after 3pm we finally left Woodway! Sheesh!

Hired help doing the dirty work handcranking the last leveler up so we can finally get on the road!

At least while we were waiting so long already packed, I said we didn't have a photo with Grandma, so here we are...

Grandma & Britta in Woodway, with the dogs trying to squeeze in the photo

It's not very safe driving with risk of ice overnight, so with a break for a quick dinner out at BJ's Brewery for Dad & me since he needed a driving break, we only made it to Woodburn south of Portland, where I beat Mom again at Scrabble, and without levelers and such wind & rain overnight I had trouble getting to sleep and felt a bit seasick! We got going on the road again before 9:30am so made it to Medford by lunchtime when we ate in the RV after filling up at Costco, then over the still-snowy Siskiyou Summit in fairly clear weather. Oddly enough the coldest weather & only snow falling was all the way south of Dunsmuir near Mt Shasta, but the roads were still clear. We made it to Redding by 5pm, free wifi again, Mom finally beat me at Scrabble (I'm still ahead 2 of 3 games though!), and my mom & I watched the Sound of Music on TV while my dad realized he'd never paid attention to the movie before, but still gave up only halfway through watching. ;)

Still plenty chilly south of Dunsmuir by Mt Shasta

Tomorrow we should get to Sacramento sometime in the afternoon, then it's presents & dinner with my brother before I can drive to my house, so I'm not sure if I'll make it back the same night or sometime on Tuesday...I will be glad to see my kitties again & sleep in my own bed!
Tags: christmas, oregon, seattle, travel

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