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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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tattoo design
australia, ocean
Little did I ever expect to be designing a tattoo! hp_jenorama has done so well over the past year and a half that she wanted to commemorate her weight-loss journey with a tattoo, so last week she asked if I could draw her a phoenix feather for her wrist, free creative license. I was very honored to be asked since I knew this meant a lot to her, so I started sketching ideas right away. After the first four sketches & color patterns, we discussed which she liked best, then I sent her these, and now as of tonight, it's already on her arm, looking great! The tattoo artist did a fabulous job enhancing the details from the original concept, and the shading is great. She's really happy with it, which is the best part of course!

Phoenix feather tattoo concept artwork

Phoenix feather tattoo!

In other news, fabric has been found in my stash plus $9 of sale brocade, so my winged fairy costume for Mardi Gras will be started this weekend...and hopefully finished with any luck!

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(Deleted comment)
wow...good one...I think..if I'd like to have a tatoo I think I'd have one on each arm, I mean...have you seen that one that Melanie Griffith has? "Antonio"? Well, "Valentina" on one arm and "Rodrigo" on the other one, but.....I'm too coward, I mean...pain??' no thanks. But...great job Britta, congrats once again!

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