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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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I know that Onyx likes avocado, but are you kidding me?!?

I came into the kitchen & saw this...he had pulled the whole bag of avocados off the counter onto the floor, and had already eaten through the woven plastic bag and THROUGH THE SKINS of two avocados! Sheesh! I hope he didn't eat too much of the rind!

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Heheh. Kitties.

His coat will be a little shinier for a couple days. ;)


My cat does wonders with a bag of powdered sugar. Waking up to see that the entire hallway had a light layer of the stuff was not fun at all. =)

Before Christmas baking, barely 30 minutes after bringing in the shopping, I heard a sound like water running, so I came back in the kitchen to find this. I had already moved both 5lb bags of granulated sugar away before remembering to take a photo! They had poked 3 holes in the side of a bag so it was just pouring out onto the floor like a sugar fountain, and they were both lapping it up off the floor!

We had a cat who loved cucumbeers; he would do anything to get a piece, even if it involved nearly biting someone's finger off and getting thrown onto the floor.

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