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busiest week ever?

I've been so busy lately that I'm way behind in posting so much stuff! Let's catch up first with one of the busiest weeks of my life, culminating May 9th!

I volunteered to make the bridal bouquet for Robin's wedding, then Tracia's suprise 40th birthday party was scheduled the same day in Davis, 3 hrs away! Once in a lifetime events for great friends, so I figured out a way to do BOTH! I had also been working on bridemaid Cyd's lavender dragon brocade corset to wear in the ceremony, but thankfully I planned ahead enough that the corset was finished about a week ahead. I also assisted Cyd in fitting & sewing her dress, so plenty of project chaos going on! There was also a long-awaited movie opening the same weekend, making things extra complicated, so I took 2 vacation days from work, since there was no way I was missing that either! ;)

The bouquet was elegant & simple as the bride requested, but still required planning of when to cut the roses & taking gentle refrigerated care with them, so what needed the most lead time was the birthday cake combining two of Tracia's favorite topics, music & chickens, into a Chicken Choir Cake!

How I made it through the busiest week ever...

Monday - made two batches marshmallow fondant (1 hr)
Tuesday - flat tire on way home, so no chance to start cake work as earlier as I'd hoped, only helped Cyd with fitting her dress vs. corset

Wednesday - in 5 hours made cereal treats for chicken bodies, sculpted black modeling chocolate into music stand & folders, sculpted chickens into the wee hours, all while Cyd was sewing in the other room, hearing me sing "Laaa!" while sculpting each chicken mouth...heehee!

Thursday - vacation day - 4 hours of handpainting all chickens with food coloring, matching Tracia's actual chicken photos, adding fondant chicken wings, then leaving for Star Trek IMAX by 5:30pm!

Friday - 3am cut rosebuds & refrigerated in floral preservative in water, after sleeping, picked my own last rosebuds, painted the chicken wings that dried overnight (1 hr) custom mixing the colors again while baking cake 1, since only one 9x13" pan, had to cool & remove each cake before baking the next cake, 4 cakes baked by 4pm. While cakes baking, wrapped wedding, birthday & Mother's Day gifts, washed dishes, etc. Dethorned all roses just before leaving for margaritas, dinner & Star Trek AGAIN! 2 more hours to make 2 batches buttercream frosting, carve & frost cake into egg platform, plus assembled bouquet with wire, trimmed stems & refrigerated

7am dried bouquet, wrapped in floral tape, wrapped in decorative ribbon, to wedding by 9:30am - tried Longs on way home, but recordable cards have a song too, not just chip to record a choir of chickens singing :(

12:30pm 2 hours between wedding & reception was when I added music note piping all around cake base, rice paper sheet music with food coloring pens, assembled chickens for mockup photos, packed chickens into ice chest in bubble wrap with all accessories & repair kit, back to wedding reception by 2:45pm

5pm left reception early, ran home, changed clothes, loaded cake into Miata (barely fit!), on the road to Davis by 5pm with AWFUL traffic!
8pm finally arrived in Davis, assembled cake in utility room while being copiously photographed in action, finally emerging & surprising the birthday girl so much she kept squeaking! heehee...

After about 20 hours work plus transit time...voila!

Happy Birthday Tracia!

Huge thanks to Jeff & Louie taking great photos, including the action photos of cake assembly...that never happens! :)

Full photo albums here: Dragon Corset or Chicken Choir Cake

Next you'll see why I've still been too busy to blog even after the busiest week ever...stay tuned!
Tags: bouquet, cakes, edibleart, flowers, star trek

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