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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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The Final Pathway
australia, ocean
Almost three years later, I am finally finished with brick at Brittahytta! :D The whole time I was pounding this pathway this past weekend, I kept singing "The Final Pathway" to the tune of The Final Countdown! heehee...

December 2005 - boring concrete pathways from sidewalk to front porch & back side yard, no back patio, no pathway across front yard, only stepping stones from porch to side gate
March 2006 - started bashing concrete along back side yard - took until February 2007 to finish!
September 2006 - back brick patio & original pathway across back yard
March 2008 - brick stepping stones with vegetable garden along back side yard
September 2008 - pathway across front yard
February 2009 - front porch paved in split bricks
March 2009 - after bashing concrete out, front pathway from sidewalk to front door,
May 2009 - final pathway from porch to side gate, meeting original pathway across back yard!

I'm sure you've seen enough brick by now to spare you too many step by step photos! Not only do I have plenty of dry bricklaying experience during the past three years, but this pathway was easier since that stretch had been white gravel over black plastic with no irrigation since before I moved in, so the ground was flat & compacted already, and at the perfect depth to match the paved porch, so no digging required until meeting the original pathway under the side gate. This was about 10 hours work from unloading 200 bricks from the truck onto the porch & scooting gravel to the end of laying brick, since all I had to do was scoot the gravel out of the way in the correct shape, lay down weedblocker fabric & sand, and start pounding bricks...

From stepping stones to coming full circle meeting the original brick pathway at the side gate, Britthytta is now surrounded with brick that matches the front chimney!

Full photos of The Final Pathway start on page 51 of the garden gallery...

P.S. This isn't even the big news yet...stay tuned!