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Here we go! Hooray for kitchen updates! :D Click on each topic to read more details...

pantry walls framed, door frame complete, all ready for rough inspection

Thanks to Charles, I have pantry walls that are so tightly wedged in between my concrete floor & ceiling, that the concrete anchors are pretty much just for show! I haven't checked the webcam captures yet to see if it caught a pic of me trying to hang from the top of the didn't even budge! :)

rough electrical complete, all new wiring in kitchen, ready for inspection

Clausen Electric came recommended by Robin from her kitchen remodel several years ago. Two full days of work last week, and now I have brand-new neat & tidy wiring in my entire kitchen, which is safer than trying to reuse any of the ancient stuff. They pulled new circuits through from the breaker panel through the conduit for my range 220V outlet, and I will have undercabinet lighting, two hidden outlets under my arches for decorative/seasonal lighting, plus everything else I wanted. I have yet to find out if the changes have added to my final total. Scary bits were the 3 fire hazards, two found by him & one by me, but good to have found & fixed them before anything happened!

new ductwork should be ready for rough inspection

The Monday this was all happening, my new vent hood finally arrived, and the "undercabinet" unit I bought vents through the top, not the back...huh? How is that "undercabinet"?!? Anyway, as I was complaining about losing my cabinet space, I got out my old hood & started looking if we could just cannibalize those parts instead, then my cabinet guy said "I really think you'll like this new one since it's a lot still have the whole pantry AND deeper cabinets all around!" Yeah, yeah, okay! I said "Everything else has gone so smoothly that something had to happen, right?" ;)

That night since the electrician needed to install an outlet where my old duct was, I removed that, then started cutting how I thought I could connect the new hood to the existing ductwork in the garage...and as I was carefully cutting the drywall I hit a wire...ack! Cutting more the other way I found a metal mount and felt a metal box up inside, so I stopped & waited for the electrician the next morning. Yep, it was probably a light box, just drywalled over, no cover, so a total fire hazard! That wiring is now included into an in-cabinet outlet for the hood, so it's now safe...but if I'd never cut there, there was no plan for the electrician to need to cut there, so I'm glad I found it!

new flooring almost finished!

The last rough spots from tile removal were the worst...I swear they used concrete to stick that tile, since the only way I could get it off was to chip a giant divot into my slab...not good! The electrician used to do floors, and he recommended just to floor patch that spot, especially since it'll be under cabinets again anyway, so I did that, started laying the new flooring Saturday evening for 5 hours, then finished the pantry (lots of wacky angled cuts!), the kitchen (worst cut for the door sill to the piano room!), and half the living room on Sunday! Yes, even after a hot bath & sleep, I was exhausted all day Monday!

backsplash tile selected!

Before I started the flooring on Saturday, I blitzed 8 tile stores in 2 hours before they closed. Most had the normal pale or golden travertine colors, even as tile vs. real stone, but finally the winner was at Campbell Tile & Stone...real travertine stone, but Esmer Tumbled Mocha, since it is darker & will blend nicely with the EcoTop Pecan, floor & copper/bronze it comes in 4"x8" tiles, which will look much more like an old stone wall than just a fancy stone tile backsplash. Since I only need 4 boxes for my ~34sf of backsplash area, it's about $400 for the tile cost (much less than my copper sink!) so for a splurge that will make me happy, it's worth it! I do need to use granite/stone sealer to protect it when I'm finished, but it requires standard wall tile mastic, nothing special to attach to the wall. This will be my first personal tiling, but I have seen it so often in person & on TV, I'm sure it'll be fine. I've never laid laminate flooring before and that's going The cuts will require equipment I know, so I still need to research that.

Even more photos are in the Brittahytta gallery, starting at page 27...

Now that friends have helped me move the piano & TV to the new floor, I hope to finish the rest of the living room flooring tonight. My city inspections are scheduled for tomorrow...sure hope I pass so I can continue with drywall! Wish me luck!

EDIT 6/19/09: I just passed rough inspection for everything, and I don't need any other inspections until the final, so I can mud the drywall as soon as I put it up...woohoo! Happy Friday!
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