brittadotcom (brittadotcom) wrote,

more kitchen progress

Lots done in a week!

Friday - passed all rough inspections, then finished living room flooring!

Saturday - finished hallway - since going backwards & fitting into such a small space took FIVE HOURS...argh! But ALL the flooring is DONE!

Sunday - Handyman Charles helped me with drywalling the pantry from 10am-4pm - thanks Charles!!!

Monday - break for Cinema Brittahytta - Galaxy Quest

Tuesday - 6 hours after work, cut & anchored rest of drywall

Wednesday- 5 hours after work, replaced leaky dishwasher valve, spackled all of kitchen patches with entire gallon of spackle!

Thursday - 4 hours after work, spackled all of pantry, including texture, another entire gallon used!

Even more photos are in the Brittahytta gallery, starting at page 32...

Tonight is a break for Margarita Friday, tomorrow I return 2 extra full sheets of drywall & buy my special order travertine tile...then caulking at the ceiling then PAINT this weekend! Cabinets should arrive either Tuesday or Wednesday, then the following day will be final electrical plus plumbing, housecleaning on Friday, then 4th of July Fireworks & Fun party on Saturday, whether the kitchen is actually complete or not!
Tags: brittahytta, house, kitchen, remodeling

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