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almost finished!

This was the whirlwind week for the new kitchen! All the painting was finished by Sunday evening, Monday I cut all the baseboards & door trim & painted them, Tuesday I installed those, went to see Spamalot, then came back & installed my magnetic door stops...unfortunately Tuesday afternoon my cabinet guy called & said he needed an extra day, so Thursday was crazy since the electrician & plumber couldn't do anything until enough cabinets were installed....

Thursday was crazy...The cabinet team was there from 8:30am to 9:30pm, the plumber came by but could only put on a new drainpipe & verify cutout placement, then said he'd be back in the morning, and the electrical was all done except labeling the panel & wiring my ceiling light. Sears charged me & sent an ungrounded power cord for the range which I can't use, so the electrician showed me how to wire the 220V supply into the range, then I bought a new grounded cord, wired it myself & installed it in place after everyone had left. I probably shouldn't have lifted that all by myself, but it's over now, and I did NOT scratch my new floor! ;) I had to get something more done, since it was so frustrating for me to not be hands-on helping & just watching! Good thing I was watching though, since I don't think the vent hood would have gone in properly without me, and the toekick drawer bank was backwards when they were trying to put those base cabinets in place!

Friday was also crazy, since I had scheduled housecleaning that I was too late to cancel without paying anyway, so it was a race to try to finish to be cleaned! The cabinet team drove home to Modesto at 9:30pm, & back at 8:15am! Since the cabinet guy is the plumber's uncle, he had already called him & said he'd call again when we had counters in enough for the sink & faucet to go in, but they decided to install the drawer fronts first. I asked "can't we do the counters first so the plumber can be working while drawer fronts are going on?" but I was ignored. Finally 11:30 the plumbing was underway, then at 12:30 the housecleaners already arrived...ack! They cleaned everything but the kitchen/dining area, then there was no further deadline to worry about at least. Plumbing was done fairly easily, but the cabinet team was still going, finding out the pantry door was not only a little too tall (easy cut off the bottom) but also a hair too wide (should be cut on the table saw back in Modesto). Also my slide-out shelves were all 24" vs. my 29" cabinet depth, and I said that was unacceptable as wasted space, so he'll remake those. He also hadn't made the dishwasher panel yet, one of my endcap doors was too short, hinges too wide for the other endcap door, and the drop-leaf counter wasn't built yet...but at 4:30pm, the kitchen already looked like this!

before & after

before & after

Of course even more photos are in the Brittahytta gallery, starting at page 35...

Since the electrician needs to come back anyway for a couple hours to finish the ceiling light & labeling my panel, the cabinet guy will also be back for hopefully the last time, both on Friday as I work from home...then I plan to start my backsplash tiling on Saturday, seal the stone before grouting Sunday, grout on Monday, the final sealer Tuesday, all while unpacking properly into my new kitchen...we shall see!
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