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My Hogwarts Castle is a Sunday Sweet!

I made it on the Sunday Sweets edition of the CakeWrecks blog! The blog started with horribly hilarious professional cakes gone wrong, but then she decided to take a break each Sunday with a different theme of really nice cakes. Last week's theme was Harry Potter, and they mentioned they'd do a second round this week, so I humbly submitted my gingerbread Hogwarts for consideration, wondering if there was too much gingbread vs. cake that it wouldn't qualify...but I made it on today!

Not much is said about mine in the post, nor much description explaining gingerbread+cake, but in the comments among many oohs & ahhs, I got one of the best compliments ever!

"Ms Avery said...Wow, a Hogwarts cake even better than last week's -- didn't think it was possible!"

You see, the Hogwarts cake featured last week was none other than the one made for the LA movie premiere of HP5, made by Charm City Cakes and featured on the Food Network show Ace of Cakes! ...and she liked mine BETTER! :D

Admittedly the reason I submitted myself was because I think mine is at least as well done as that fondant-covered styrofoam Hogwarts (that didn't even light up!)...but confirmation from a complete stranger is very nice to hear!

We started our 2009 mini-Pottermania on July 6th with a Cinema Brittahytta showing of HP5 in BluRay glory on the 8ft screen & nice speakers, 20 of us enjoying leftover party food from the 4th, and Butterbeer Floats with leftover homemade custard vanilla ice cream...YUM! :-9 Then the majority vote was to see HP6 at a sane hour instead of the midnight opening, so 18 people accompanied me to the 8:15pm showing opening day. Only Kevin C & I were Gryffindor students in costume, unfortunately no Slytherin representation after all, but I brought 4 liters each of chilled Butterbeer & Butterbeer Light (very refreshing on a day so hot it gave me Snape hair! :P)..and even my Chocolate Frog design was resurrected by my freed but always loyal house-elf Rubby (Ruth)...she even designed Famous Witch cards for Juanita & me with hilarious glowing descriptions on the back!

Chocolate Frog Card - Famous Witch Juanita Harris

One of the greatest chanteurs of the 21st century. Appears regularly with local jazz bands and often will appear in a musical theatre production of something or another. Regularly updates Facebook with amazing anecdotes about her eventful life as it unfolds before her very eyes. Keep your eyes on this start.

Chocolate Frog Card - Famous Witch Britta Peterson

Multi-talented witch is known for her many innovative spells and her ability to make extra-ordinary objects appear out of thin air, such as a chocolate iPhone, gingerbread replica of Hogwarts School, Elmo cupcakes and singing chicken choirs, along with their chicken director, atop an elaborately decorated cake. Is there anything she can't do?

Thanks to Rubby the House-Elf, Britta has her very own Famous Witch card!

It looks like the majority voting will be for the Wednesday July 29th IMAX 3D opening up at the Metreon, then that's probably it for mini-Pottermania for this year... :)

EDIT May 1st, 2011: I'm now selling the Chocolate Frog set of box & cards as a digital download at my Etsy store here:
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