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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Busy weekend coming up...but I hope the busy-ness will help get my mind off some emotional chaos in my life...we'll see if it works.

Wednesday night I will drive to Sac, fully packed with the normal weekend away stuff plus
  • camcorder, DV tapes, external hard drive, blank DVDs and all cables since I need to dub down my grandmother's 90th birthday party footage. I'm hoping to throw it together in Final Cut Pro & iDVD, then from the DVD to a VHS copy for the non-DVD crowd of relatives - wish me luck!

  • cake decorating supplies including gum paste and silver and gold luster dust for the "Snow White and the Seventh Birthday" cake for Saturday

  • costume supplies to be the Wicked Queen from Snow White (I was cast thusly so I accepted)

    Friday is very full, since I will be getting my Christmas tree at Apple Hill near Placerville (annual tradition), finding or making a crown for my costume, making swedish meatballs with my mom, making pickled salmon, then making the birthday cake...whew! Somehow I don't think I'll be getting any work done on the Halloween webpages yet, and here I thought I could have them up Thanksgiving weekend...ah, well...I drive back on Saturday by way of the birthday party in Davis, complete with the tree lashed securely to the top of the car with finished cake inside...this has become a tradition lately as well...

    My Prisoner of Azkaban DVD is still on its way from Amazon (only $18!) so my mom won't get to watch it until perhaps Christmas...she's waited this long, she can wait a bit longer...however my The Office: The Complete Collection arrived on Friday - woohoo! Not that I haven't seen all of it already, but the collector in me is satisfied to have the box set... :)

    If I don't post again before, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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    Happy Thanksgiving, O Queen of [doing] Quite A Lot!

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