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Detours off Britta Blvd


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Halloween continued...
Whew! Technical difficulties almost prevented it, but here is this week's Eerie Elegance episode...everything you ever wanted to know about the infamous Eerie Eyeballs! Seriously, it's about 18 minutes long, and I think I answered every single question I've ever gotten in email about making my eyeballs, so it's chock full of good info & especially closeups of the painting technique. Again it's split for YouTube into part 1 & part 2. You can watch the entire episode from EerieElegance.com and iTunes by searching for "Eerie Elegance" or by subscribing to the series.

For my own Halloween planning, I have completed the herculean task of clearing the way in my garage chaos to get at the Halloween boxes & shelves, and in the process finding other good supplies for the Steampunk Study and/or my costume that goes with it. Always nice to finally find a reason for something I saved from long ago! I have decided on the 13 favorite spooky characters for the gingerbread haunted mansion quiz (I'm not telling or the party guests reading will be spoiled for the quiz!), and I've decided on epitaphs for 4 new gravestones to make...which is good since I plan to film the making of my new gravestones for the next 3 podcasts!

Eerie Elegance - The Infamous Eerie Eyeballs

However the next couple days will be Halloween hiatus since I get to be hostess for my grandmother, cooking for her in my new kitchen & driving her around California in my convertible! :)

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loved the plug

I enjoyed hearing the plug for my GATE classes. Was that Ebony or Onyx I heard "helping" in the background? Great job--I didn't believe you could make this all come together in such a short segment. Wow!

It was Onyx...the kitties were shut in the bedroom, all the way across the house! There was one unusable segment he was making such a racket! I was hoping the couple meows I had to leave in weren't so bad... ;)

Re: loved the plug

I thought it was cute--glad you left it in.

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