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The Haunted Headstone Trilogy begins...

Episode 3 is out today! There is an entire Haunted Headstones chapter in Eerie Elegance for making my realistic carved foam gravestones, so I decided to split up the episodes as a trilogy to get everything in. Part 1 is Designing & Cutting which is just under 10 minutes, so it'll be a good half hour total watching the entire set when it's finished! The gravestones are messy enough they are best done outside, and I have new neighbors with active little kids and a dog, so pardon some of the background noise. A lot is filmed in the dark since that was after the noise finally went to bed! ;) You can watch the entire episode from, YouTube and iTunes by searching for "Eerie Elegance" or by subscribing to the series. You can also become a fan of Eerie Elegance on Facebook!

By having filmed these, that means I have 4 new gravestones already well underway for my own decor! The most intricate two are completely carved ready for a base coat of paint (which also means the filming is already DONE for part 2 - hooray!), but I have to finish carving the other two before I'm ready to paint. My biggest splurge for this year's decorating arrived from New Jersey last week = 2 wallpaper murals of a fancy library so I can make my patio bar into "walls" of bookcases as I've wanted to do since 2006. My own costume I've only spent $20 so far (well those are shoes & tights I will wear normally, so maybe those count as normal wardrobe, not costume expense?) since I'm using closet finds & fabric I've had in my stash, but I still need to find old leather jackets to sew my buckley bodice. This weekend is our annual Halloween shopping trip with my friend Tash, so I'll be on the lookout for fun accessories!

Eerie Elegance - Haunted Headstones - Part 1: Designing & Cutting

After the Cinema Brittahytta Season Finale tonight (last movie night of the summer), the patio will start transforming into the Steampunk Study!
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