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Amazon rules!
My PoA DVD just showed up...just in the nick of time to take with me this weekend...woohoo!

I can't WAIT to pause those Marauder Map credits in we can finally show those who missed it in the theatre the couple making out in the closet...hahaha...

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WAhoo! I'll watch mine this weekend, too. :-) I'll keep an eye out on that.

heh. your mind is more innocent than mine and my friends' ... we thought they were -- well, not exactly *just* making out! LOL!!!

Well, that's what we thought, too, but I decided to be kind for the benefit of any innocent readers out there... ;)

My friend saw it at a midnight showing before I did and told me "watch for the feet having sex in the far bottom left corner"...we were trying to figure out how "feet" would have sex...? haha...

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