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should have been four parts?

Episode 4 is out today! Little did I know how much I had to say about gravestone carving & layout...I had 30 minutes of good content my first editing pass, then it took 4 more hours to chip more & more content away down to under 10 minutes! Guess I should have made Carving its own full segment, but I did get it down to the essentials, and the 'director's cut' is probably too long anyway. Pardon the plane overhead...I didn't hear that one while filming or I would have done another take. The wind was the precursor to the freak thunderstorm we had that night, so I'm glad I got the filming done in the nick of time!

You can watch the entire episode from, YouTube and iTunes by searching for "Eerie Elegance" or by subscribing to the series. You can also become a fan of Eerie Elegance on Facebook. I've got 131 Facebook fans in just one week, the majority of them people I've never!

Eerie Elegance - Haunted Headstones - Part 2: Decorating & Carving

I am testing various Mojitoe moldmaking techniques in hopes I can come up with one I can reproduce for a decent cost so I can sell the mold along with my recipe. So far I have a gorgeous 6-toe free-standing food-grade silicone mold with spectacular detail, but it used $25 of liquid silicone supplies! The cornstarch press mold technique didn't work, so next is trying to make a closer-fitting mold form for the silicone, since that might bring the cost down enough.

Halloween shopping weekend was as fun as ever, and I still came back with a fairly full trunk, but we were a bit disappointed in the selection, especially at the cheaper stores who usually have good Halloween basics we can make into other things. It looks like they're stocking less inventory overall due to the economy. Honestly, the past 5 years or so I had been disappointed in how MUCH Halloween stuff was available, removing the fun challenge of making your own, so I don't mind. I totally scored at the Goodwill store for lots of steampunky goodness for the study! No leather jackets there like I need though, so I still need to scavenge locally for those so I can make my costume bodice. Now that I'm back in town, it's full "steam" ahead for the study and my costume! :)
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