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The Tombstone Trilogy is complete!

Episode 5 is out today, completing the Tombstone Trilogy! Hope you enjoy them, since the entire 3-part series is about 30 minutes & chock full of tips I've learned while making 23 gravestones by now. Bonus points if you can read the epitaphs on the example gravestones & name the characters & what they're from. :)

You can watch the entire episode from, YouTube and iTunes by searching for "Eerie Elegance" or by subscribing to the series. I've got 152 Eerie Elegance Facebook fans now, and I've set up the Eerie Elegance Agonizing Accessories store on and already earned $7 royalties there!

Eerie Elegance - Haunted Headstones - Part 3: Painting & Aging

The official party invitation has been sent, one month to party day, and I'm still testing Mojitoe moldmaking techniques down to the wire since that's on the schedule to film this week! My fireplace mantel is under construction probably halfway done, but I keep running down both batteries from so much drilling & screws, so that will be continued next weekend. My local thriftstore seems to have caught on since I've last needed costume leather, since all their leather jackets are now $30 or more, so I found a pair of leather pants (!) for $10 that aren't the perfect color, but I think I can make it work for my bodice. I did find a pair of shoes for $5 to scavenge for 8 matching small buckles, plus a few other steampunk props. Speaking of steampunk, the serendipitous result of my 29-year-old water heater dying last Thursday night is that I scored on leftover copper pipe & mechanical bits for my lab display! After hearing & seeing how much I did myself on the kitchen remodel, the repair tech even showed me how & actually let me solder the copper overflow pipe myself with his! That might have to be my next tool for my growing collection! ;)
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