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Episode Eight & Pentultimate Party Prep Progress

Eerie Elegance 2009 Episode 8 is out today, showing how to mix your own experimental Spontaneous Sentience as one of the many possible Laboratory Libations! You even get a sneak peek of my new Steampunk Study in process. Only one more episode on the schedule for 2009!

You can watch the entire episode from, YouTube and iTunes by searching for "Eerie Elegance" or by subscribing to the series. You can join my almost 200 Eerie Elegance Facebook fans if you like, and the Eerie Elegance Agonizing Accessories store on is open for business. Book sales are still going day since August with zero sales!

Eerie Elegance - Spontaneous Sentience

This weekend was a frantic push to make up for lost time from Star Wars in Concert, but thankfully I got a lot done! It was several weeks behind my intended schedule, but at least I got the cardboard mockup made for the gingerbread haunted mansion yesterday! The back is all open like a dollhouse except for the top tower, so you'll be able to see through the windows from the front, but I can turn on lights & set up figures inside from the back, plus people can see even more details by turning it. It's on a leftover chunk of EcoTop counter from the kitchen remodel sitting on my large wooden lazy susan like the Hogwarts castle was. Since there's no way it'll move from the table without a lot of help, so it's on the skull lace tablecloth with plastic protection over it for now...glad I thought of that before I started actually building anything! I like the design, loosely inspired by Addams family & a couple other mansard roof Edwardian/Victorian houses. It should be relatively easy to bake & assemble, less pieces in number but larger pieces than the Hogwarts castle, and then the decoration is what will make it cool. I have to make all the quiz characters & accessories the next couple evenings, then bake the gingerbread Wednesday night or Thursday day. Since it rained again on Monday, I'm not putting any gravestones out or paper decor on the patio until the day before the party so they won't get ruined.

I steampunked a LOT of random lab stuff on Saturday...even my straw dispenser since it was lime green plastic I didn't like anyway! LOL! I wasn't going to use the oscilloscope since it was too modern but then I thought it would look great with woodgrain contact paper & some "brass" accents...I really like it this way! I assembled the spare water heater parts with my chunk of ductwork leftover from cutting my kitchen vent hood into a contraption I really like. My costume is in great shape & is presentable even if I run out of time for any more. I would like to add the jewelry I planned & a holster or two for my ray guns, but we'll see how much time I have. Thank goodness I'm done with the sewing machine this early!

Aside from cleaning up the project mess that can be stashed last minute on the garage floor with Miata parked in the driveway, most of the house & patio is decorated at least so that feels much better than how I started the weekend. I'm still still choosing the last tracks for the music quiz, which I'm listening to on my iPhone on my long commute to & from work, and no food is made yet except the bone cookies, but food is better made closer to the party anyway, and I'm not doing as many cookies this year since I'm doing the gingerbread mansion. Thank goodness I'm taking both Thursday and Friday as vacation days from work this year, since I'm gonna need the extra day!

Now back to party prep, since way too much still to do! :)
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